23 October 2009

Nokia rallies Apple over iPhone

Nokia accuse Apple of not paying royalties for the technology that others have invented and which Apple uses in the iPhone. After having failed to get Apple to pay drags Nokia now Apple in court. Voice Encoding and encryption to hear some of the technologies that Nokia believes that Apple has used, and so is a violation of Nokia's patents. It is about technologies of GSM, UMTS (3G) and WLAN.

- The patents covers mobile data transmission, speech coding, security and encryption. The patents have been violated by all Apple iPhone models since the iPhone was introduced in 2007, writes the Nokia in a press release.

Nokia informs that over the last two decades has invested nearly 40 billion on research and development, and has built a huge collection of patents, consisting of over 10,000 patents.

- The basic principle of the mobile industry is that companies that contribute to the development of technologies that create intellectual content as the others have to pay to use. Apple is also expected to follow this principle, says Ilkka Rahnasto, which is Vice President of Legal & Intellectual Property at Nokia.


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