22 October 2009

You wont get any mail in Windows 7

We have often been asked why we put Windows with a lot differently and more or less useful accessories. And this time we have listened and actually removed some of the built-in applications. The essential is Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker and not least, Windows Mail. Mail has been an integral part of Windows since Windows 98 and also followed with Internet Explorer 4.0 for those who then ran Windows 95

Mail in Windows was then called Outlook Express. We have fortunately a solution up his sleeve.

Either can be as many PC World readers even find a mail client or just be content with browser-based mail. Microsoft bids by mail for Windows 7 is, of course, Windows Live Mail, which is similar to Windows Mail, but has far more features and support for various standards for communication.

Windows Live Mail can be more closely integrated with Windows Live Hotmail and the various Windows Live services in the "cloud" with the ability to share calendars across such a family or a small company but is also super as a client for Yahoo or Gmail.

Many PC manufacturers will probably choose to install Windows Live Mail or another mail client on the new Windows 7-machines to ensure that ordinary users can not access for example their TDC-mail and therefore chimeric PC manufacturers phone support down.

Which email program do you prefer - and why? Drop a comment in the box below.


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