31 October 2009

Rumor: Asus eBook reader next year

According to rumors Asus is working an e-book reader next year. And according to rumors on the internet it becomes a version for under 900 dollars, we can expect to see it both in Europe and the U.S. in early 2010.

It seems likely in several versions, some of which have built-in WiFi and 3G networks, which would be really cool if there therefore also follows a browser with the Asus' e-book reader.

Sandsynligivs It comes in two versions: one with 6 inch screen and one with 9 inch screen. Prices start at $ 164 which is approximately 825 pounds. It is almost 1000 dollars in Amazon's Kindle, and it will probably get many Danes to wait to buy e-book readers.
Then we just hope that if you yourself can give example. pdf.filer or other e-bogsfomater onto the reader.

Enduring image is only a bid of how e-book reader could look like. See more here.


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