01 November 2009

Samsung Galaxy Spica coming next month

The news is here Samsung Galaxy Spica is coming next month rumours are high that Samsung Galaxy Spica a power full version of the HTC Magic, which came out in Denmark earlier this year.

The reason for the coincidence is that also Galaxy Spica mobile uses Google Android OS, and Samsung has not (based on current information) made their own adjustments to the menu system and user interface.

The result is that what you see on screen is the same experience as you got with Magic. Galaxy Spica has a touch screen type "Capacitive" - ie. a touchscreen surface.

More power in my stomach Samsung Galaxy Spica has more horsepower than HTC Magic. The processor is the entire 800 MHz. The built-in memory is 200 MB and is expandable with memory cards in the entire 32 GB.

Mobil has a relatively large battery of 1500 mAh, and promises good six hours of talk time on one charge. Galaxy Spica supports æøå in messages, and also comes with built-in GPS, Google Maps, Gmail, 3.2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, music player, etc. There are also shortcut functions for social media.

Subscription option for Samsung Galaxy Spica starts at 2999 dollars and it comes in stores in November this year.


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