26 October 2009

Samsung Launches Blue Earth mobile phone in Nordic countries

Korean Samsung has launched its new solar mobile Blue Earth in the Nordic countries before it can be purchased in the world. And it is perhaps no coincidence that Samsung chose to send his first solar mobile phone in one of the less sunny parts of the world - and so even in the least sunny season.

Samsung Blue Earth Mobile phone with the friendly name of Blue Earth is made from environmentally friendly materials - the cover is made of recycled plastic bottles.

On the back sits a solar panel, and once the phone comes into contact with ordinary daylight charge the battery automatically. For every hour of sunlight fill the battery with energy that corresponds to the consumption of approx. ten minutes of talk time on 3G networks, says Samsung. It should also work, even if it is overcast.

Save CO2

If we believe the manufacturer's own calculation, a Blue Earth one million phones each year, can save 26 tonnes of carbon dioxide compared with one million normal mobile phones. What must be considered is that that ten tonnes of carbon dioxide is used in the production of solar panels to one million mobile devices.

Samsung Blue Earth includesd a standard charger that consumes less power than other loading equipment - in standby is down to 0.03 watts. Here, Samsung has anticipated the future universal standard micro USB chargers.

Blue Earth phone has more functions to conserve energy, including a function which downgrades the brightness and make the background image is weaker and more nonsense in the projected final is really a pedometer and a calendar of environmental days.

The 37 x 62 millimeters large solar cell in Blue Earth battery hatch consists of polycrystalline photovoltaic. It lets up to 64 mAh, which is about ten minutes of talk time on 3G network and alternatively 16 minutes in GSM network in an hour's charge. Eight-hour charge represents 30 percent of the battery's energy capacity. Environment mobile vendors in Denmark for 3200 kr


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