12 November 2009

3 gets 40,000 new customers in first half

According to a new telecommunications statistics, 3 Denmark has had a significant influx of mobile broadband customers.

40,000 new customers

In the first half of 2009 3 has got 40,000 new customers to their mobile broadband Internet, bringing the total to 181,000. It provides 3 a share of just over 43 percent, which is more than 3's own target, which sounds at 25 percent. This is particularly the business community who took the mobile to broadband, and nearly 30 percent of 3's mobile broadband customers is now businesses.

- We are proud to deliver such a massive growth in the middle of a financial crisis that has left its mark in business and especially in the retail industry. Customers flock to mobile broadband and blankets in the increasingly cumbersome cables for a freer life, where you do not need to be guided by where the next plug or hotspot exists, says CEO from 3, Morten Christiansen.

Procedures for the mobile broadband
The mobile broadband is generally prosperous. In the first half of 2008 was 12.6 percent of the Danish mobile Internet subscriptions. This figure was in the first half of 2009 rose to 16.4 percent while the share of fixed-line Internet subscriptions had fallen from 83 to 80.2 percent.


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