14 November 2009

Largest iPod dock - a Swedish success

The Swedish-made loudspeaker Wall of Sound ipod speaker weighs over 100 kilograms and has a price tag of 30 000 Swedish kroner which might be discouraging for buyers but amazingly it barely had time to come out to stores before the first limited edition was completely sold out.

Wall of Sound speaker for ipod seems to be the world's largest and most powerful iPod speaker with four tweeters, eight midrange and 16 basse. Malmö and is expected to be out in trade, 15 January next year. Perhaps a revival of the giant speakers to wait for a couple of decades of ever more compact models? The second generation of Wall of Sound will in any case to have an improved interface. Some other models are not planned.

The response abroad has been very strong, and several magazines such as Esquire and FMH reaction from them but also design and technology magazines. And so it has been written on the Wall of Sound on thousands of blogs. There are many dealers who have heard of that, "said Per Eriksson, creative director at Studio Total.


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