16 November 2009

LG working on few more wrist watch phones

LG introduced their first wristwatch phone back in January . These kind of mobiles have long been obtained from unknown Chinese manufacturers, but LG was the first big and famous manufacturer to produce such a mobile. And now it looks more to be on the road.

More models in the family
John Barton, who is sales and marketing director for LG in the United Kingdom, has for now said that LG is under way with several new models in what he calls their wristwatch mobile family. They should come next year. It writes fonehome.co.uk.

No information on price
There is unfortunately no information on whether the new models are cheaper than the first. Price tags of more than 4000 dollars was probably a big reason why the first model was not sold very many places.

Also new Android model on the way
It is also revealed that LG's first Android mobile GW620 will have a brother without the full keyboard next year. Whether it is on the same model, which reportedly would be based on the powerful Snap Dragon platform is unknown.


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