16 November 2009

Tomtom update iPhone navigation

TomTom has posted a new version of its iPhone application for approval from Apple itunes, and there is good news for those who have already bought the program. TomTom GPS update contains the brand new Tom Tom map navigation for iphone, so the latest changes in the road network is included. In addition, the update includes the following:

Advanced trail planning gives drivers extra safety of navigation in difficult intersection. This feature can for the first time available in both landscape and portrait mode.

  1. "Help menu" gives direct access to the relevant emergency telephone numbers and the route to the nearest provider of care and service.
  2. Free safety camera update (security cameras will only later be available in Denmark since those currently. Is at the experimental stage).
  3. User-defined warning messages when approaching speed cameras or speed limit is broken.
  4. IPod player control ensures that the user comfortably can control his music from the navigation application.

The update is free for those who have already purchased the application. More with Tomtom


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