20 November 2009

NQ Mini coming soon 3

At GSM World Conference set earlier this year INQ’s won the 1St prize for INQ mobile, the title of world’s best mobile. Now comes the award winning INQ final to Denmark. INQ Mini 3G with Facebook in the center lands in 3 – and then talk about a cheap mobile.

It can be so surprising that INQ mobile phone first comes to Denmark now, but better late than never. The model is called INQ Mini 3G. Besides the most basic mobile functions, so it is also optimized to Facebook, Skype and Twitter.

INQ1 mobile

In addition, a mobile kontaktbog not display only basic information on the contacts. Tweed, news feeds and profile pictures are for display and also updated automatically.

Demand and affordable mobile
The model had to be very friendly and 3 have received many queries on the phone, explains Stine Green Paulson, communications director with 3 Denmark:
-So we are very happy that it finally comes to Denmark. INQ thinks differently and meet consumers where they are. Namely at the social media, there is an inherent and natural part of INQ Mini 3G. You are already online on either Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc. the first time you turn on your mobile, explains Stine Green Paulsen.

INQ Mini 3G can be purchased in all 3’s sales channels, from days to either 1 crown with 3iDeal or 3Boost 299th


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