23 November 2009

Samsung Diva mobiles for females

Samsung is making a new series of mobiles for females by name Diva. The samsung mobiles are designed with special emphasis on women and the first two models in the series have now appeared on the network.

Diva mobiles
The first model is called samsung S7070 and is a touch mobile in classic barformat. The downside is the pattern and the camera at 5 megapixels are done so anonymously as possible. The second model is called Samsung S5150 and have nicknamed Olivia. It is a folding mobile, which is characterized by the same pattern, but this time both front and back. It also has an external monitor that is invisible when it is turned off, while the internal screen is 2.2 inches and the camera is 3 megapixels.

Availability and Prices
Both models should come on the market early next year. Prices are still unknown.


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