22 December 2009

7 best Christmas gifts gadgets for 2009

Here are suggestions on 7 best Christmas gifts for your loved ones

The latest Bluetooth headsets from Jabra is Danish design-wise bit of a gem … even if it looks like a stone. The nestle around the ear and is completely without pressure sensitive buttons. The included the works also as a portable charger so you can give it new life on the go. Jabra Stone doing two hours on a full charge.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle
If you read English language books, newspapers and magazines, then an investment in Amazon’s wireless ebogslæser not any stupid idea. Kindle gives you access to over 295,000 books and a plethora of magazines and newspapers at a low price. The 6-inch E-Ink display is readable and battery performance of up to two weeks of use.


philips shaver
This hi-tech shaver originally cost close to 4000 dollars, but can now be found by half, making it an excellent purchase. It has three individual floating heads with three tracks, giving a ultratæt shave. The integrated LED display shows shaving time, charge indicator and when the dirt to be washed.


xbox 360
Microsoft’s game is four years old, but just gets better and better. This edition comes with a copy of one of the year’s best games, Modern Warfare 2, and comes with a 250GB hard drive for games and movies. Connecting you on to your broadband connection, you can also stream 1080p HD movies directly into the room.


LG choclate

You get lots of envious looks when you pull this delicacy from his inside pocket. LG40 has a 4-inch screen in ultra-wide screen, a nice minimalist design and perform tasks such as web browsing, Google Maps and sync with the company Exchange server.

Canon EOS 500D

canon eos 500d

Professional pictures are within reach with this digital SLR camera that shoots 15-megapixel pictures and also doing video recording in HD resolution. EOS 50D has a 3-inch large screen and handle 3.4 frames per second in burst up to 170 pictures at a time. ISO ranges from 100-3200 and you get nine focal points to work with.



It need not be a complicated affair to get Blu-ray in the living room. This facility gives you 1080p HD video, streaming YouTube videos and easy connectivity to your iPod or iPhone. Speaker shape is inspired by the champagne glass, and are powerful enough to fill a medium sized room with the roar and crash.


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