23 December 2009

Samsung announced M5650 Lindy

Samsung has now officially launched a big brother to their cheap touch mobile Corby. The new model has inter alia been turbo 3G and a better camera. Last week we reported that Samsung was coming with a new youthful touch model. Now that Samsung also officially launched the model, which seems like big brother to the original Samsung Corby model.

The new model has the official name M5650 Lindy, but the design is very similar to Samsung's youthful Corby models. Malfunction, however, nothing as there is both a 2.8 inch large touch screen, turbo 3G and WiFi. The camera is also respectable 3-megapixel and autofocus. Samsung M5650 Lindy is already available in Portugal for about 1100 dollars. The model should also soon be in stores in the rest of Europe.


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