21 January 2010

AMD aims to deliver the best 3D performance in 2010

AMD a well knows computer parts manufacturer currently sits on the throne when it comes to having the fastest PC graphics card on the market, a throne which AMD expects will sit on during most of 2010.

It is obviously not gone AMD's nose over that NVIDIA will launch their GF100-chip, based on Fermi architecture, at some time in March and that it will probably be faster than AMD's chips. It will not, however Richard Huddy from AMD to falter.

Huddy believes that they have the means to regain the throne in 2010, thus ensuring that sit the longest. Which means, there is, Huddy will not mention, merely that they will come up with new products.

There are two ways that the new products can be faster. Either by optimizing the current 5xxx architecture or introduce an entirely new. It is known that AMD is working on a new architecture that is currently only known under the code name "Northern Islands", and it may be that any. ready later this year.


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