21 January 2010

YouTube will embed film rentals service

World's largest video service, YouTube has just taken a step in a new direction, albeit a very small step, since they have started an official test with renting movies.

When the step is small, it is because there can only be selected from five different films, which, moreover, by independent filmmakers.

It has repeatedly been suggestions that YouTube would expand its interests, and with the new approach is perhaps slowly started to become competitors for large well-known services such as. NetFlix.

YouTube has, according to employees at Google previously been in negotiations with several of the major film companies to be allowed to rent their movies out, like the house has allegedly tested a rental service.

Whether there will be films from the majors in the committee is uncertain, but a representative from one of the companies have previously stated that he would like to make a deal with YouTube on the same terms as such. NetFlix or iTunes.

The launch of the new service coincides with Sundance Film Festival and will stop again on 31 January, the same day as the festival stops. The five films can be rented for $ 3.99 each.

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