22 January 2010

Firefox 3.6 available . Go get it

Yesterday, the Mozilla Foundation released the final new-awaited version of Firefox, v. 3.6, which offers a range of new things. Among these are:

  • Personas: Quickly changing your Firefox Themes without the required restart of the program.
  • Plugin Update: Firefox now includes continuously monitor whether you are running with obsolete plugins.
  • Stability Improvements: Firefox is now better to avoid crashes caused by third-party applications.
  • Form filler: Now Firefox can even guess what will be in different fields from what you usually write in similar fields.
  • Solution: No new browser version, without improvements in the JavaScript front.
  • Video and audio: Improved support for audio and video in HTML 5 (YouTube's new HTML 5-page still works does not).

The new version can be downloaded by following the link in the header, or using Firefox's own update function. As usual it out for both Windows, OS X and Linux.

Want instead to make a visual examination of the above, we can see a video about it here:


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