25 January 2010

3G-micro router is a candidate for this year's coolest product

Since 3 is the first telecom operator who launched its 3G data network which has 3G modem as perfect companion in your bag. The new 3G modem is flexible and can easily be linked to the nearest computer without internet. A traditional 3G modems biggest problem is that it is impossible or difficult to share the connection.

Good enough, there are solutions but they require either a separate router with USB connector ( Or a great stand-alone router with SIM slot .

3G + WiFi = smart
This is where the little smart micro router from Huawei with the idiomatic name E5832, also known as E5, comes. In a unit - which is the same size as a regular 3G USB modem - Huawei has managed to squeeze both a 3G modem, a router with WiFi and a battery into.

This means that as long as you're within 3G network range, you can just take the 90 grams heavy E5832 out of his pocket, turn it, connect the modem's wireless networking (802.11b / g) and then just surf away.

This means that not only your laptop can enjoy Internet access, but also your smartphone, your netradio, your Eye-Fi card to the camera, or whatever else you have brought the units that can use wireless networks.


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