26 January 2010

Apps - small programs on flat-screen functions

Apps - small programs - is currently all the rage on smartphones. You can install apps on iPhone and get completely new functionality that was unimaginable a few years back. Google is also well underway with many apps for the new Android phones, and for experimenting with the concept of many kinds of products at CES fair in Las Vegas.

It nevertheless came as a surprise that Samsung now rates unyielding on apps for the company's flat-screen TVs and associated home theater gear such as Blu-ray players.

The announcement came at the company's press conference at CES fair in Las Vegas, where it was revealed that Samsung will launch its own apps, online store where consumers will be able to download small applications to various kinds of different Samsung devices .

It is an interesting feature from Samsung and it is a clear example of how software is increasingly becoming a competitive factor in consumer electronics and gadgets.

To begin working with Samsung will offer a number of free apps for its products, such as access to video and photo services, but this summer we will begin to see betalingsapps, so you can add quality services and content to your TV or home theater.

Samsung is not alone in its reliance on apps. Numerous television manufacturers are ready with screens that can connect to the network and download video, display photos or keep you updated with what's happening on Twitter and Facebook.


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