29 January 2010

Confusion that needs to be cleared on iPad

After Apple's presentation of the IPAD-tablet, there are still issues that are in abeyance. After Apple's presentation of their IPAD tablet, there are still some issues that are in abeyance.

Last night Danish time gave was Apple's bid for a tablet, both revealed and demonstrated. Despite a half hour long event and a publication of the specifications are a number of issues that Apple has not yet arrived at.

Multitasking: In the weeks leading up to the event came time in the rumors that Apple would introduce a 'new way to use the multitasking'. So far, however, not a word about multitasking on the IPAD. Is it because the plans are put in the grave? Have they never been there? Or is it something that is on the way?

Tethering: Since the iPhone operating system was updated to version 3.0 it was possible to use tethering - that is to say that the phone works as a modem for mobile broadband. So we can get online with his laptop, although it is not Wi-Fi nearby. Will this also be possible with an IPAD? In this case, the model without 3G support still use the mobile network, if you mind you have an iPhone. It seems, unfortunately, highly unlikely, since IPAD is based on iPhone OS and not Mac OS.

Remote: Some of the first reactions from users at Mobilsiden.dk was that iPad'en would be a nice design as music in the parlor. It can easily be done, since the audio output can be connected to the equipment or the TV. On the other hand, it is still uncertain whether there is a smart solution, which did not necessarily go to - or carry around - at iPad'en to change the number or the like.

If one uses his computer as a media center, you can use the iPhone as a remote control - it seems highly unlikely, however with IPAD as it would probably require that ran Mac OS as the operating system instead of the iPhone OS. The specially designed IPAD dock seems unfortunately not to have the infrared receiver. It would otherwise mean that you could use a regular Apple Remote. Maybe it's on its way?

VoIP: Apple has not mentioned anything about the possibilities of VoIP - that is Internet telephony. Here's Skype is probably the best known example. IPAD presentation revealed however that the device has a microphone. It means that you probably can use a headset to use VoIP. Can we have confirmed that Apple?

Flash: According to Apple Chief Steve Jobs gives IPAD's the best web experience ever '. Nevertheless, the presentation revealed that there is no Flash support in iPad'ens version of the mobile Safari browser. It should be understood as that Apple still does not have imagined that Flash should be able to run on iPhone and IPAD? What plans Apple has in this direction?


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