16 February 2010

Ipad faces censorship issues in france

Due to a slightly different laws in France compared to most other European countries, which means that the French legal system has an abnormally high power of the press are beginning to sprout concern about the impending launch of IPAD in the country.

The reason is that it is fairly easy to get an injunction against a publication in the country. With such a hand can be an aggrieved person / company / institution require a publication withdrawn.

In cases with iPad'en there are two levels in such a case, the publisher and Apple. A judge can attack the publisher, perhaps ready to take the matter up in court, but Apple may also be attacked.

This could create a situation where Apple knuckle after bailiffs ban despite the fact that the publisher will continue to fight. As the situation is with the App Store, so Apple has the ability to draw a program back and have a kill-switch operation to remove an App from those who have bought it.

The function will certainly also exist in IPAD of the publications sold by the road, as is seen in Kindle. It worries more Frenchmen, especially if Apple will have as much market dominance on e-publications as the music.


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