16 February 2010

Sony stops production of OLED TVs in Japan

Sony was the first company in the world, launched a TV based on OLED technology, will now be the first to stop the production of same.

It is about their XEL-1 television, which was introduced back in 2007, with a size of only 11 inches and a price of 12,500 dollars in Japan turned to a modest audience.

XEL-1 was subsequently introduced in the European market for just over a year ago, in January 2009, when the price was now more than doubled to 28,000 pounds.

Today Sony Japan believes the product is no longer relevant in the Japanese market where it is now being withdrawn, while production is stopped.

It does not mean that Sony dropping its commitment to OLED, which they will still researching, and will continue to be produced XEL-1 to the American and European markets.


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