22 February 2010

Nokia X10 updated with Symbian 3

A video showing a Nokia document for the upcoming X10 model has recently been uploaded on Youtube and received increasing attention in the network. This document's title is "Nokia X10 Release Documents (Ver. 1)". During that are outlined in the model from four different angles. This is followed by the essential features that continue on the back. The typeface used is that Nokia usually uses.

Physical model is a conventional touch screen mobile with utskjutbart qwerty keyboard like Sony Ericsson's recently launched the Symbian mobile Vivaz Pro. But unlike Vivaz Pro which uses the Symbian system ^ 1 (Series 60 5th Edition), Nokia X10 model using the more modern Symbian ^ 3rd

The likely biggest news in the Symbian 3 is support for multi-touch, meaning that the user goes to the iPhone completely. The interface will also have a review so it feels faster and more responsivt but also to the need for "double click" will be a thing of the past. For users, it will also become possible with various horrible sleeves.

Among other news may be mentioned that mobile phones will have the opportunity to have an HDMI output. This allows cell phone use as a portable media player with HD quality. Another interesting innovation is the network function zeroconf (known as Bonjour in Apple products). Examples of Bonjour is in the iTunes music sharing and printer sharing in Mac OS X.

According to the document will be multi-touch to be used, inter alia, zooming in gallery function. By comparison, Nokia uses a clickable zoom panel in the current 1 Symbian-based mobiles.

In addition to the new system version, it becomes a performance lift when mobile will use the same processor (see box) as in Maemo-N900 cell phone.

The big question is how credible the rumor is. Of course it is up to each individual to decide. A look at the profile page for the user who uploaded the video clip shows that he signed up for almost a year ago and have since had time to upload 84 videos that have the new phones do. History suggests that the preliminary data on the X10 is correct.

If and when X10 is launched, and Nokia to ship remains to be seen. At the Mobile World recently announced Nokia smartphones head Jo Harlow, the first Symbian ^ 3-models coming to the summer. A not-too-daring guess is that the model is more expensive than Nokia X6.


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