22 February 2010

OCZ shoots limited version of the SSD Series

OCZ has released a limited edition of its solid-state series Vertex LE based on Sand Force solid-state controller and the performance seems very promising. The unit is in addition to better performance even have a feature that will detect and correct errors in data stored in flash memory. OCZs first Sand Force-based entity called Vertex 2 Pro and did a super capacitor, which would make data more secure but Vertex LE skip it in order to reduce the cost somewhat.

PC Perspective running a small performance test and compare the Vertex LE including Intel's X25-M. They conclude that OCZs version can compete well with Intel's drive. The switch also almost all units are included in the test in writing speed.

Low capacity of 100 GB of SSD OCZs and sold for about $ 399. Since the edition is limited, there are only 5000 copies available. There should also be a 200 GB model which is more than $ 900.


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