15 February 2010

Windows Mobile 72010: Microsoft will unveil Windows mobile 7 ng

MWC is in full swings and we expoect many new products to go live today and tomorow but the most anticipated is Microsoft Mobile World Congress 2010 (MWC) hold an event where they will showcase a new product.

Everyone expects, there is Windows Mobile 7, also called Windows 7 Phone, which has high expectations. Several professionals have called the operating system the last chance for Microsoft to get on the bandwagon again after having disappointed with Windows Mobile 6.5.

There have recently been several reports out that WM7 will be radically different than WM6.5, as Microsoft would have chosen to use the user interface from the Zune HD.

Some suggest that there might. only be previewed an update to WM6.5, WM6.6 namely that will come with a number of improvements, but do not have a new user interface.

According to pictures from the hotel where the event will take place Total points however, It becomes Phone Windows 7 that will be shown.


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