15 February 2010

Google removes legal music blogs from the web

Google services, Blogspot and Blogger, housing many different blogs, including several with a focus on music. Lately, the Internet giant, however, removed a number of popular blogs that have existed for several years.

At Google, it is thought that these blogs breaking copyright laws because they have received complaints about the material which can be downloaded on the sides, known as DMCA complaints (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

Complainants, however, according to the people behind the various blogs unfounded, as they have been allowed to reproduce the material, typical of the music companies' PR agencies or the artists themselves.

The announcement gives Google does not have much and calls for bloggers to come up with a DMCA modklage. It is however problematic, since many do not know the procedure for how to do this, and even if they do, they often do not know what specific music file has complained.

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