08 March 2010

Internet on mobile is normal

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Internet on mobile is becoming more and more normal. Relations with the 3G and turbo-3G was faster, and mobiles have become more powerful and have larger screens, making it a better experience to be online on the go.

Each third will shock bill
The market for mobile data is still confusing. This shows a new study by Vodafone has made. More than one third have tried for getting a shock bill after consumption of mobile data. Yet more than half of Danes mobile data, or expect to make use of it in years.

Telia says that until the summer to run a campaign, which means that Telia's customers maximum may be using for 30 kroner mobile data a day. It is however unlikely to solve the problem that few can foresee the market for mobile broadband.

Two Skype Accounts on the Same Computer

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