08 March 2010

Sony ready with powerful laser projector module

Most projectors using a xenon lamp as light source, but they are expensive and do not last too long. It is now the solution to Sony with their new laser module to the projector.

The module fills only 152 mm x 114 mm x 30.5 mm but can reach a brightness of 5,000 lumens. Is not it enough, it is possible to combine several modules and achieve an even higher brightness, for example. to cinemas.

The three lasers in the module together emit light equivalent to 21 watts in 10 watts for red, 6 watts for green and 5 watts of blue. With an energy efficiency averaged 18% use the module around. 110 watts and is thus much more energy efficient than a conventional projector at the same brightness.

Another advantage of using lasers is the improved color reproduction, since color space is higher than traditional projectors, like the contrast is also better.


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