02 March 2010


Nvidia made himself noticed early on netbook market with an alternative to Intel's integrated graphics solution, since their ion chip was much faster than Intel's. Now Nvidia is ready with the next generation; Ion 2nd

Ion 2 is unlike its predecessor, an independent GPU, which communicates with Intel's Atom Pine Trail CPU via PCI Express. By using their own Optimus technology will one netbook could automatically switch to using Intel integrated graphics or Ion-chip, depending on which program is used.

The new GPU comes in two versions, one with 16 CUDA kernels for 12-inch netbooks and desktops, and one with 8 cores for 10 "netbooks. In the main variant is the GPU up to twice as fast as Ion, and up to 15 times faster than Intel's GMA 3150 solution.

Because of the use of Otimus technology there is a requirement to use the Ion 2, netbooks will use a full version of Windows 7, it can not be content with Windows 7 Starts, which otherwise is intended for netbooks.

According to Nvidia, it will not be a problem and they state that there already are 30 products on the road with the new chip that will livelihood during the summer. The first of these will be showcased to CEBIT.


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