07 May 2010

IPAD responsible for Falling netbook sales

Sales of netbooks and notebooks peaked last year with a growth rate of 641% year on year, something that is unlikely to repeat itself in 2010 as sales have fallen dramatically, starting as early as January of.

According to a study by Morgan Stanley, due to the reason for the sharp decline in sales of netbooks including Apple's IPAD.

Since iPad'en was announced in January, sales of netbooks dramatically, then by the release of IPAD in April fell further. The report from Morgan Stanley mentions that a survey of people who had intended to buy an IPAD, there were 44% of those questioned who would buy it instead of a Netbook.

However, not only Netbooks as Morgan Stanley believes have felt IPAD effect. Also, iPod Touch, handheld consoles, desktop computers and eReader is apparently hit.


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