04 May 2010

Samsung Sales Going high

In recent years, Samsung had great success in the mobile market, where they now lie like a strong number two, when you look at the global number of sold cell phones. And their latest accounts show that they continue their forward march.

Increase of 40 percent
In the first quarter this year, Samsung managed to sell 64.3 million phones, an increase of 40 percent over the same period last year. The total market is good enough risen by around 20 percent, but Samsung has thus still increase their market share significantly and were now responsible for 22 percent of the global market.

Purse is well
When you look at the finances, sees it not worst off Samsung. The total turnover in their telecommunications department ended as at 46 billion dollars, an increase of five percent over the same period last year. The surplus fell well enough a single cent, but remains at 5.5 billion kronor.

Samsung has increased their share of sales touch models and smartphones in the past, and especially their focus on smartphones would become even stronger future.

If you are interested in all financial key figures from Samsung, they can be found at the link below.

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