02 June 2010

90% Internet will be based on video soon

Over the last several years, it is p2p traffic that has stood for the vast majority of the traffic found on the Internet, but this year, according to Cisco end.

In its annual report on Internet traffic, Visual Networking Index Forecast, said Cisco, that already this year, the amount of data that represents video, released amount of p2p traffic.

This is particularly the rise of streaming video derived from services like YouTube has drastically increased, and over the next four years, the volume grow so much that it will constitute 90% of total traffic in 2014.

There will be a decreased amount of p2p traffic, it just grows slower than the video. Therefore, it is estimated that in 2014 total will be sent four times as much data over the network, which this year, equivalent to 767 exabytes.

In addition to video content becomes easier and easier to access, then the growing amount of data might be linked to the quality of video material increases.


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