12 June 2010

Meet Motorola XT720, the Milestone

Motorola has unveiled new Motorola XT720 Android smartphone, which presented the day before iPhone 4 to compete. And if you look at the specifications of Motorola XT720 you will find the phone with the Google Operating System with version 2.1.

One of the highlights of Motorola XT720 is a built-in HDMI port. This video sending works to the TV in HD quality. This is also necessary: Finally, the integrated camera takes about 8-megapixel photos on high-resolution 720p video. For greater visibility in poor lighting conditions a xenon flash. Also the display is designed for HD playback.

Motorola XT720 measures 3.7 inches and 480 x 854 pixels resolves to - almost as high as the display of the new iPhone and higher than those of competitors Nexus One and HTC Desire. However, buyers need compared to Predecessor also a cut in take. Thus, the keyboard has become, for example, victims of the new features. What advantages and disadvantages of the new Milestone else offers more, reveals the gallery. (Photo: CBS Interactive)


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