17 June 2010

Adobe AIR SDK 2 ready for download

Last week Adobe could announceThat they were ready with the next major version of AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), which thus came up on version 2.0. There was in this context, however, "only" talking about a launch of the afviklingsplatfomen.Now Adobe has announced that it is also possible to download developer tools (SDK) as an independent package, so it does not need to invest in CS5, which is part of the package.

Along with the SDK, which is approximately 20 MB download and is available for both OS X, Windows and Linux, it is also possible to get help getting started, through videos, articles and other documents as Adobe makes available free.AIR 2.0 offers numerous new features, improvements and bug fixes, among other things includes the generation of more effective programs thatuse significantly less of CPU time and less RAM.


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