17 June 2010

Toshiba announces 128 GB Toshiba chip

It is only a half years ago that Toshiba annoncerde a 64 gigabyte flashram chip and now they are ready with a new one, where they have doubled capacity to 128 GB.

The new chip is built as a sandwich of 16 pcs. 64 GB flashram chips stacked on each other where the "old" chips used 32 Gb chips.

The new chip that has been easier cryptic name THGBM2T0DBFBAIF is primarily intended for handheld devices like mobile phones, media players and the like.

Chip measuring just 17 mm x 22 mm x 1.4 mm and are made with Toshiba's 32 nm manufacturing technology. The first test samples are expected to be finished in September and mass production will start during the fourth quarter of this year.


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