14 June 2010

Microsoft Develops 3D display technology

TVs and monitors that can display content in 3D, is the big trend at the moment, and for most is that you must have a set of glasses to see 3d effect.

It is possible to achieve a 3D effect without glasses and in the ballgame has Mircrosofts department "Microsoft Applied Sciences Group"Just showcased a concept which allows up to two people to watch 3D content on the same screen at once, without glasses.

The actual screen used is equipped with an ordinary LCD panel, but in front of it, the researchers placed a newly developed lens that provides for dividing the content from the screen into several parts.

Combined with a camera that keeps an eye on the people who look at the screen, a computer make sure that each person looks at his 3d image. Each image can even be completely different.

In 3d mode, the system supports two simultaneous viewers, and in 2d mode, four-person viewing at the same time and look at his picture. The camera also detects whether the characters are moving, so the image can "follow".


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