23 June 2010

AMD launches low-cost and low-power processors

AMD is well aware they can not compete on performance when it comes to having the most powerful processor, and has long focussed on delivering a good price / performance ratio instead.

With the launch of several new processors in their Opteron series continues to this approach , particularly processor Opteron 4122 sets new standards.

This is a 2.2 GHz quad - core processor with MB cache 8.6 sold for just $ 99, or just around 600 dollars , which is the lowest price yet for a server CPU from AMD. The cheapest server CPU from Intel cost comparison $ 167th

When the cheap processor has an energy of up to 75 watts , then the models EE 4162 and EE 4164 much more energy -friendly, with a consumption of only 32 watts. There are both talking about six - core processors. The former operate at 1.7 GHz and the second at 1.8 GHz - prices are respectively $ 316 and $ 698th

Several computer manufacturers is expected to announce servers based on the new Opteron series shortly.


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