21 June 2010

Insecure Wi-Fi encryption will be killed

It is still relatively easy to find wireless networks that are not protected, but even a large number of the network, which is enabled encryption is not very secure.

The reason is the selected encryption methods, several of them can break relatively easily and therefore provide false security. This will be the Wi-Fi Alliance now have to change.

The method is simple, the unsafe practices be removed in future wireless network if they will be Wi-Fi certified.

Initially, the encryption WPA-TKIP, which must be removed, which will take place from January 2011 where it initially banned in access points, and in 2012 a total wireless network equipment.

In 2013 comes the turn of WEP, which also will only be banished in all new access points and in 2014 a total Wi-Fi equipment. Last comes the final blow to WPA2 Mixed Mode, as prohibited in 2014.

This will be only one encryption method back, WPA2-AES, which has been approved and who have not yet shown signs of weakness.


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