23 May 2007

Google Invest money in Company Started by Co-Founder’s Wife

According New york times report Google has invested invested $3.9 million this month in 23andMe, the biotech company co-founded last year by Ms. Wojcicki, a former health care industry analyst but why have they invested inthis industry ??? because Google’s investment was disclosed in a regulatory filing, which also officially confirmed that Mr. Brin, 33 ( America’s richest men, Sergey Brin, a co-founder of Google), and Ms. Wojcicki are married. The company had declined to comment on the couple’s relationship.

In a bit of classic Silicon Valley lore, the couple met after Ms. Wojcicki’s sister rented her garage to Mr. Brin and his partner, Larry Page, 34, to serve as office space for their search-engine venture. Mr. Page, Google’s president for products, also is worth about $14 billion, according to Forbes.


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