19 June 2007

Get free horoscope, News,Software & games onyour mobile

With just a click you are will find loads of info on your mobile totally free.
You can easily discover, browse and download popular mobile softwares and games from the rich portfolio of Youpark. It allows the end users to either download the free mobile applications and games directly on their devices through GPRS or to download it from the link sent on their emails. Youpark mobile is currently available on selected devices of Series 60, Series 40, Pocket PC and Smartphone. Youpark mobile is absolutely free and is available on the platform of Youpark.com. It provides an enhanced user experience to the consumers by providing them “one click access” to hot news, daily horoscopes and latest mobile content. “We are making every effort to make mobile content far more accessible and enticing for the end users with Youpark mobile. Youpark mobile will not only provide a direct portal of communication to the end users but will also open us new gateways in the mobile content market” says Babar Baig, CEO Mobile Weaver ApS. Press release here
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