21 August 2007

Another 3 Arcade Puzzle Game Announced;Luxor 2

After Zuma, Luxor and Luxor 2 for PC, the three arcade puzzle games that created addiction among millions of gamers, RealArcade prepared the releasing of Luxor 2 mobile phone version.

The game keeps the same basic concept.The player must shoot the snake to create matches of 3 or more same colored balls that will explode, this preventing them to enter the Pyramid.

While the balls are destroyed, power-ups are falling and they have to be cached. In order to earn an extra life 30 coins are necessary to be caught when falling.

RealArcade announced new bonus levels, 9 new power-ups and 30 levels to play in 2 game modes.

The game received many important awards across time for its success.The mobile version promises high-potential and is expected to be appreciated at the same level as its predecessors.

Luxor 2 for mobiles will be released at the end of August.

Courtesy: Soft Supplier Blog


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