04 September 2007

Get the most cheapest and quality Games for your Java mobiles

3GX launches a direct-to-consumer Java games portal.Dogandbonegames (the phrase 'dog and bone' being cockney rhyming slang for 'phone', international readers) is a joint venture with Mobile Weaver-subsidiary Youpark.

It will offer games from the likes of Digital Chocolate, Meedia, Alten8, Player One, Mearas, Happy Tube and Bluesphere.

The games will be available for download via WAP push or desktop PC for between £1-4 (and dollar and euro equivalents) and will be promoted through various portals including Dangaard, MSN directory, Yahoo directory and Dmoz.

Simon Weitzman, Director of 3GX, said: "This is a great opportunity for our Java games clients to reach their market. We are pleased to be working with Youpark, with its reputation for providing excellent value-added content for users."


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