20 July 2009

Android TAT augmented ID

The belwo video shows how the application being developed by a Swedish company that has among its achievements the interface design of the T-Mobile G1.

The idea is that a facial recognition software together with an augmented reality and all this combined with access to social networks allows us to see the public profile of a user in our mobile screen just because of focusing.
Obviously before the user has decided what to put in your profile, set at the end of the video the girl with a few clicks access to tranparencias of the presentation and may even vote or comment on this presentation instantly.
Muy impresionante, ¿estarĂ¡ nuestro profesorado preparado para que le enfoquen mientras da su clase magistral?... Very impressive, our teachers will be prepared to approach him while giving his lecture ... habrĂ¡ que acostumbrarse. will be coming.


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