14 February 2010

Simkortet will turn your cell phone into a hotspot

In the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Sagem Orga, in collaboration with Telefonica announced a simkort with built-in wireless network called SIMFi.

Simkortet will make any cell phone into a hotspot. It can be used to share a 3G connection with other cell phones with WiFi and laptop computers.

Not require software installed on your mobile phone, with all the functionality is built into the very simkortet.

It is still uncertain when simkortet coming on the market, but when it does, so Sagem Orga has high hopes for it.

If customers can connect their notebooks to the web anytime and anywhere by simply using what they have with them most of the time and what is the most trusted secure device - the SIM card - adoptions can be expected to be enormous. Remy Cricco, Technology and Innovation responsible host Sagem Orga


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