12 February 2010

Top 5 Programs For Windows 7

Windows 7 is a sigh of relief for vista users . With the record time to load an start new programs we have got a new list top porgrams for windows 7 available at this time.

  1. Xirrus Wi-Fi Monitor
    If you use a laptop that is one of the most useful gadget for Windows 7 at all, allows you to manage wireless networks by checking what networks are available and what level has the signal.
  2. Facebook Explorer
    If you use Facebook this gadget for Windows 7 is very interesting.
    Facebook Explorer makes it possible to update your status, view friend requests and invitations and receive updates on the activities of his friends, including shared photos.
    Also you can comment directly using the interface of the gadget.
  3. Weather Center
    In Windows 7 includes a gadget for the weather but the features provided are not comparable to those in Weather Center.
    This gadget allows you to receive updates from six different sites in relation to data such as pressure, rainfall, wind and humidity.
  4. Twadget
    Twitter is one of the most used social network and then could not miss a gadget for Windows 7 created with the purpose to allow you to send and receive Twitter updates directly from their desktop.
  5. System Control
    System Control is a gadget for Windows 7 by which you can perform various activities related to the management of the system.
    The interface provides a set of buttons through which computer shutdown, restart, switch users and log on to the Control Panel.


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