16 August 2007

Save the Dying World of Kuros by Reassembling Ancient Glyphs

Save the dying world of Kuros by reassembling ancient glyphs hidden beneath layers of rock and glistening stones. Clear groups of like-colored gemstones to break through the layers of rock and reveal the glyphs. Several different types of powerup will aid you in your task. Progress through 5 elemental areas and 125 levels to complete Quest mode, or explore the simpler challenge of over 100 levels in Action mode.

Glyph for Palm OS® and Windows Mobile® is based upon the highly-acclaimed PC game from Sandlot Games. It features beautiful graphics, an ethereal soundtrack, and atmospheric sound effects to enhance the adventure puzzle experience.

  • Based on the highly acclaimed PC original from Sandlot Games
  • Over 250 levels across 5 different worlds
  • Impressive array of powerful artifacts to aid you
  • Two exciting game modes


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